Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Day 105: Do Fathers Matter?

I am keeping with this theme from the last post.

I was listening to a podcast today from Art of Manliness, a website dedicated to reviving the art of being a man. If you don't know about it, the title may sound a bit chauvinistic; but the "art" suggests a nuance that's very welcoming. I think they pull it off really well and provide a wide range of topics for both men and women to enjoy.

The podcast I listened to was Why Fathers Matter. The interview was with a science author who wrote a book on this topic, titled Do Fathers Matter? where he gathers and expounds on scientific data on the importance of fathers in the family.  There were a ton of fascinating things discussed. For example, this entire idea is a topic that really hasn't been publicized much. There have been some studies, but more research and publicity has been given toward mom's role.

The most fascinating part discussed was the fact that while humans have a lot in common with other mammals, one area that we differ in majorly is how involved the father is in the lives of children. 95% of mammals never even see their children and, apart from a few obscure observations, humans spend more time parenting their children than any other animal. Fathers play an enormous role in this and I suggest you listen to the podcast.

I was blown away by the observation. To me, it says more than this notion that we have just evolved from apes and are "more intelligent apes." There's something supremely unique about the family structure of humans that's inherent to the way we not only survive, but thrive. And when fathers aren't living into that important role in their children's lives, their children suffer, the family suffers, and I believe society suffers. The role of being a parent, a father, is unique in all creation. It's a privilege and an honor. It matters!

I listened to the podcast while running this morning pushing my son in the stroller. It was the perfect setting for me to be reminded of the great, daunting, awesome task given to me by God to love, care for, protect, teach, train, and enjoy my son each day I have him. And I can't wait for our family to grow and spread it all the more!

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