Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day 117: Introduction to the Guy Who's Got it Right

Today I've been so focused on marketing and content and all this goodness that my head is spinning!

I like producing content. I do it strictly in writing these days, but I tried my hand a some videos back in the day as well. Yeah, go ahead and search YouTube for "Andrew Lisi" and you'll find some really weird stuff.

Admittedly, in both writing and video, execution is lacking. There are still two very large gaps: Planning, execution, and consistency (I know that's three, but I ignore planning in pretty much everything or, better explained, planning is involved in both good execution and consistency).

Yet, in both writing and video, I have been inspired by someone, someone I want to introduce you to. He's influenced the way I view social media, the way I view marketing, sales, delivery, support - it all. I've leaned on his thinking both in my current work and also in my work in the church. I've loved his content because it doesn't involve any B.S. What he communicates and articulates isn't magic; in fact, I think it's all stuff many of us see, but can't quite put our finger on it, which I guess is a mark of a true "visionary." The best part is that his philosophy is a proven one in business across many verticals seeing as how it all began with a wine business he took over from his father and has now morphed into a popular, growing media agency.

If you're interested in increasing your brand awareness and influence, understanding the power of social media, getting insights on what makes people tick, this is your guy. Even if it isn't business-related to you at all, even if you just want to increase readers on your personal blog or followers on your Instagram, this guy will help.

Who is this?

This guy is Gary Vaynerchuk or better known as @garyvee in the social media world.

Here's just a sample of the goodness:

"How to Get Your Wine Palate Trained:" https://youtu.be/2qxDuPbFnoM?t=2m35s (this is my favorite. He eats a ton of foods, from cereal, to jelly, to dirt, to help you get your palate trained. The end is the best and launched him into fame.)

"Stop Storytelling Like It's 2007:" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnXijAxiy8g (adult language in this bad boy)

The Thank You Economy: http://www.amazon.com/Thank-You-Economy-Gary-Vaynerchuk/dp/0061914185/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

That last one is a great book. The big premise is that many businesses (and this can pertain to any organization, really) tend to focus too much on saying "thank you" to the customer as a way of providing service. The Thank You Economy flips it and argues that your business or organization should be so good, so savvy, so caring that it's your customers who are saying thank you.

I guess that's what this is. Gary Vee continues to influence me today and his economy works. This is my thank you to him. Check him out!

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